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Chihiro (singer-songwriter/Radio personality)

In 1997 she debuted as a songwriter.
In 2003 She first debuted as a singer. She has performed at concerts throughout Japan and abroad. She started to compose and sing songs based on the poems of Misuzu Kaneko (one of Japan’s most beloved poets for children.)
In 2011 Received the second prize in the radio category of the 7th Japan Broadcast Culture Awards.
In 2016 Sang the Japanese National Anthem at the Hiroshima Toyo Carp Baseball Game at Mazda Stadium.

Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Regularly hosting KRY Yamaguchi Broadcasting Radio’s “Chihiro de Brake”show on every Sunday at 2:30 PM.

Appears on various television and radio programs.

She is a singer-songwriter of Kaneko Misuzu’s poem. [Kaneko Misuzu (1903-1930) is considered one of Japan’s most beloved poets for children and she lived her whole short life in Yamaguchi Prefecture.]

She regularly appears on the NHK “Chugoku! Chumoku! Radio YAMAGUTIC” show which broadcasts throughout the “Chugoku” region (the 5-westernmost prefectures of Japan).
She is a radio personality on the KRY Yamaguchi Broadcasting Radio show “Chihiro de brake,” and appears on a community program called “Misuzu-san to Akarui Ho E” (Toward the Bright Side With Misuzu) which is broadcast over nine FM radio stations nationwide.

She composed “YOKOHAMA ORANGE,” the theme song for NHK Yokohama Broadcasting’s radio program “Hama Kira.” She has also written and composed school anthems for schools such as the Gifu Shotoku Gakuen High School and Abu Elemental School as well as composed commercial songs.

She composed the songs “Yamaguchi Shimin no Uta” (Song of Yamaguchi citizens) and “Issun Bochi” (The Inch-High Samurai) which are broadcast throughout the community wireless system in many cities.

Chihiro also sang the Japanese national anthem at a Hiroshima Toyo Carp baseball game at Mazda stadium.

She was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture and serves as an ambassador of the Yamaguchi Tanabata Hometown Association.

She won second prize in the 7th Japan Broadcasting Culture Grand Prix in Radio Category for her show on FM Yamaguchi “Kodama de shou ka: Ima Kaneko Misuzu no kokoro wo kiki tai” (“Are You An Echo: I want to hear the heart of Kaneko Misuzu.”)

Radio personality: Chihiro

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Picture: ©Kaneko Misuzu Works Preservation Association
1903 Born in Senzaki, Nagato-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
1923 Moved to Shimonoseki-shi and started to write nursery songs which were printed in various nursery school song magazines.
1925 Published “Rokanshu” (Collection of Beautiful Stones) which is a publication of her selection of poems.
1929 Published a collection of three posthumous works.
1930 Published “Nankindama” (Glass Beads) which is collection of her poetry based on the words of her 3-year old daughter.
1930 Passed away.
1984 Published “Collected Works of Kaneko Misuzu” by JULA publication.
2003 Opened Kaneko Misuzu Memorial Museum in Nagato city.


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